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03-06-2013, 02:17 PM
Joe Pesky
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Some good points made by everyone. Hereís what Iíd like:

Game Play:
-No hand passes in the D zone. I thought this league wanted offence, why help the defence out?
-No touch icing.
-10 min OT. Why limit the most exciting part of the game?
-No shootout. I turn the channel once it goes to the shootout. Yawn.
-2 pts for a win. 0 pts for a loss. 1 pt each for a tie. What is wrong with ties?
-If you must have a loser point, then 3 for reg win, 2 for OT win, and 1 for OT loss. Iím so tired of teams playing the last few minutes of regulation to secure the loser point.
-Fighting has become so boring (and staged) Iím now in favour of its complete removal
-I hate the face wash in a scrum. Make it a 2 min misconduct. Get the offender off the ice but the team isnít short handed.
-Delay of game for goalies covering up the puck outside the crease (within reason). Why is the goalie now allowed to cover it up at the side of the net, behind the goal line.
-I like the idea of a coaching challenge. Give each team 10 challenges for the entire year. They can only use a max of 1 per game. They can choose if the instance is worth wasting one of the 10 on.
-Give each team 2 challenges for each playoff series. Max 1 used per game.
-Would like to see the refs and linesmen huddle and discuss each potential penalty before actually calling it. The senior ref decides if itís a penalty or if they are ďpicking up the flag.Ē

Regarding TV coverage:
-During the play, use one camera at centre ice that goes back and forth during the play. Do not zoom in on the puck carrier. Save that for replays. Its like going to the game with great seats and then rolling up your program and looking through it. Let me see the frickin play!!!!!
-How about leaving the score/time up on screen when there is a stoppage in play. You remove this info just when I go to look at it.
-Show the lineups before the opening puck drop or at a stoppage. Scrolling them during the play does not allow me to look at it.
-All clowns that sit near the glass and continually stand up and wave to the camera should be moved to the 300 level. The back of the 300 level. This also disturbs paying customers at the game.

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