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Originally Posted by CoolForumNamePending View Post
Unless they are going to limit the tournament to Canada, US, Sweden & Czech Rep (and given the iffy history of the CC/WC they just might) you are going to see a fairly large number of non-NHLers playing in the tournament.

Did any of the profits earned from the last World Cup trickle down to the national federations of the 8 invited nations or did it all go to the righteous cause that was the NHL & NHLPA lockout war chests?
No idea where the profit went. The only team that might need non-NHLers is Slovakia, but I could be wrong on that. The rest could easily fill their team with NHLers. If something is done and Russia wants to be dumb enough to fill their team with KHL'ers that is their perogative, but they will get destroyed.

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