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03-06-2013, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by TylerSVT View Post
Are any of those even Cap teams?

NYI are horrible because they never spend money, they are basically a Farm team. Ditto the Thrashers (now they can spend to the cap with the move to the Peg).

What you are failing to see is that the Talent level in the Top 5 is far superior to that in the 20-30 range. Drafting top 5 gives you a MUCH MUCH better chance at getting a legit star player. How many superstars are drafted outside of the top 5? Pretty rare considering, And even then, how many of those rare players were drafted 20-30? i would say even less.

Drafting high almost always gets you good players, its just what you do with them after that matters (ie, dont bring in your young guys and play them on the 4th line ala Calgary/NYI).
Ya Tampa must have been insane putting Stamkos on their 4th line for his first season, sure did ruin him, if they would have rushed him in to a position he wasn't ready for he would be much better now.. Seriously though, Spending a season or two to develop a players all around game instead of creating a fully one dimensional player by only developing their offensive game is a little silly, Sven would have been lost in the top 6 with everyone on the team learning a new system, now that they know it, you can put him up there and give him a significantly larger chance to succeed.

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