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07-24-2006, 02:27 PM
The Big E
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The only thing you can probably do that might have any impact at all is to call the reporters on the carpet when they:

1. Misbehave
2. Lie
3. Mislead
4. Unnecessarily inflame a situation.

I ordered them to the degree in which you might have an impact. Obviously, behaving like a-holes is easier to call out than inflaming a situation which is somewhat subjective.

Y'alls are going to have to organize yourselves. That means someone will have to maintain an email list and a phone tree. When a reporter needs to be confronted, mobilize the fans. Start a blog. Use the Hfboards. However you like. If there's an organized fan club, approach them about your idea. This is the basics of political organizing.

Boycotting a newspaper isn't going to do much in this day and age.

Best of luck.

The Big E

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