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03-06-2013, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by coldsteelonice84 View Post
Tell me about it! I went out in the intermission to pick up some food yesterday and every place by my house was closed and this was at 8:15! What's up with that? Why do people just shut down their business because it snowed? Hate money I guess! I feel like if I had the startup capital, I would be John D. Rockefeller all over again, and while I like my ideas as I am sure everyone does, the main factor in me thinking that are the brain dead morons who can't even keep the ****ing door open to their store or answer the phone when someone is calling.
I've got a 24 hour kitchen at the end of the block that sells take home liquor from 7am - midnight and the bar is open until 2 am. A skeleton staff making minimum wage can't cost much in terms of operating costs and lords know me and my friends/girl have pumped hundreds of dollars into that place when drunk at 3am and craving a BLT.

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