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03-06-2013, 02:11 PM
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Im a bit shocked (and maybe misinterpreting some posts) to think that people might believe that Windsor or Barrie has better talent returning next year than the Knights. Obviously there are many unknowns (NHL draft etc) but if you average out the unknowns, on paper the Knights will ice the best team in the OHL next year if not the whole CHL. Thats an easy one and im sorry if it comes across as a homer comment, but pretty sure others outside the London area would agree too.
The ONLY two reasons that London wouldn't get the cup next year is either 1) Barrie puts up more guaranteed money (they city has backed them, where London's wont) OR 2) because it is viewed as 'too soon'. Thats it.
The success of 2005 is not lost on the committee and the team that the Knights put forward will be stellar, and better still after the trade deadline next year as we did NOTHING to empty our cupboards this year.
Windsor won't get the bid because they wont have a strong enough team. (my opinion)
I also strongly believe that Windsor should not be 'punished' further by not being considered due to its violations. If they wanted that to be part of the punishment, it should have been stated as 'x draft picks, x money, and no memorial cups for x years'. But it didn't so they should be considered just as any other team.

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