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Originally Posted by Blueshirt67 View Post
I'm not outspoken and I don't typically yell at people who get up during the game but sometimes I am thankful for the people who do.
People need to use some common courtesy and have some respect for the other spectators. Your not in your living room by yourself, think about it as sharing one very big screen with 18000 friends.
Wait for whistles before you get up.
Wait for whistles before you return to your seat even if there is no usher there telling you to do so.
Dont run to the bathroom or beer vendor 30 seconds before the end of the period unless there is a stoppage. The lines arent that bad and you have 18 minutes in between periods.
And please, know where youre going before you leave the tunnel, theres nothing worse than the same idiot standing in front of you during the game looking around for the same seat he couldnt find the last 3 times he went to get a beer (they don't move them during the game).
All very valid and excellent points. I was people-watching for a good amount of time last night, and what I noticed however, was that people WERE waiting for a whistle. All of a sudden, you'd see a swarm coming up the stairs. Unfortunately, you've got the bottleneck at the front of the wave that slows down everyone behind. And it was those last few people getting screamed at, when obviously they couldn't help it.

That said, I really do feel bad for the people on the ends of these new, disgustingly narrow rows. They're constantly getting up and down and up and down to let people in. The only saving grace about my new seats is that it's smack-dab in the middle of the row, so I only had to deal with people walking through during the intermissions... which is fine.

Maybe it's just something that's always happened, and I hadn't noticed the past 10 years or so. I used to be last row, with a wall behind me, so I didn't have to deal with much shuffling of bodies. This year, it's people in front, people behind, people next to us... all shifting, standing, sitting, talking about hack jokes they heard on the radio, their kids' crap sizes and consistencies, etc... all during play. At least my seats are cheaper this year.

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