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03-06-2013, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by OurGocIsAnAwesomeGoc View Post
That's something a lot of people don't understand. You're much more likely to get forecheck set up if you dump it in. You just have to have three things to make it work:

1. Speed
2. Committment\willingness to win the puck battle
3. A good system to establish puck support, once you do get the puck

I think we have 1, sometimes we have 2, but 3 is lacking.

We can get in, win the puck, and sometimes even establish a cycle...but eventually someone holds on to the puck too long. If you're going to cycle, it needs to eventually produce a shot. Often, that's not the case with just goes on endlessly until invariably we get boxed out and the play moves out of the zone.

I think part of the issue is the overload scheme we play, particularly up top. If opposing player can get the puck and reverse it, it's a surefire clear every time. Compare that to what we saw the Kings do, or the Blackhawks do, where they take away the boards.
In regards to 3 -- eventually our guys just stop moving and are sitting still, just camped out, forcing a scramble or a dead-leg pass.

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