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03-06-2013, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
Where you getting the kimchi from? I got some from my regular grocery store, and it was awful. Went to an Asian grocery store, and it's ****ing incredible, and cheaper. What blows my mind with the Korean food is how cheap it is, yet how much they give you. I also love that they don't stuff you up with grains and crap, but actually fill you up with protein and the good stuff.

One thing that was odd, was with the vegetable plate they brought out, there was a diced up hotdog in it. Not really sure what the hell was up with that, but alrighty then... Asked the server, and what we believe was the owner, but they spoke pretty much no English and responded with "thank you" and bowed when we asked why they put a hotdog in it.
My dad lives in Evanston, so he usually takes a trip up to Touhy and Lehigh to go to Fresh Farms for his kimchi. I can't really vouch for its quality, but I do know he always has a giant jar of it in the fridge.

Another thing we were surprised to find at Fresh Farms, a Romanian spread called zacusca. My girlfriend's Romanian, and her mom makes zacusca pretty often. When the GF met the family, she brought some two jars of her mom's stuff, and they were both gone within days. Finding it at Fresh Farms saved us a lot of trouble in trying to get it from just over the Canadian border.

Can't help with owners who don't speak English though. That sucks.

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