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Originally Posted by Bruiser View Post
Well God Says No, a lot of toughness has to do with intimidation and that is hardly tangible. Aside from hits and fights most other aspects of toughness don't really show up on the score sheet. Therefore it can only be assessed by subjective inferences. But even then there would need to be an aggregate of those subjective inferences to create a probabilistic objective view of the level of toughness. Therefore I can only provide an individual subjective analysis of why I feel the Senators lack toughness.

In my assessment the game against the Flyers was the strongest indication that the Senators lacked toughness, followed by the games against the leafs and the Bruins. The Flyers took many liberties with our players as has been indicated by other posters in this thread. The Senators allowed them to take those liberties without much of a response. In the Bruins game, I felt the Senators looked timid; they gave the Bruins too much time and space and panicked when pressured. They seemed hesitant to enter battles along the boards or in the corners for loose pucks. In the Leafs game, they were heavily out hit and they took big runs at our skilled players and we again failed to respond adequately. Hitting has a big impact over the game, if it didn't then they would simply get rid of it. It s getting comical that there are posters on here that don't think hitting has an impact on the game.

Anyways I am done with this anyway, I have added you to my ignore list for a while now and I suggest that you add me to yours. There are many other posters on here that disagree with my opinions, but at least they provide strong rationale and intriguing debates that at times lead me to question or change my position. Your arguments basically consist of"maybe your wrong" or "your wrong because I say your wrong". Your discussions and positions add no value to me on this forum and apparently mine fail to provide adequate value for you. So let us end our interactions.
you might want to re-read my posts. i provide some good points about the way the roster looks now. you can't be serious to think you can solve our scoring chances by adding more "tough guys". which is basically your main point. we didn't lose to the islanders, montreal, toronto, philadelphia, etc. because we weren't tough. we lost because we don't have enough finishers/skill.

we got neil, smith, dd, job, greening and to a lesser extent daug which is basically half the team. there is no room for the usual names you spew like lebrie.

and i know you are not quoting my posts in your post because i know the difference between your and you're.

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