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Originally Posted by WeridAl View Post
Weber would end up being place on waivers, how does this address a problem with Oilers when Potter is a better PMD then Weber.
Potter is better than Weber based on what, exactly? Shall we compare as we dare from last year?

Weber: 24 years old, ESTOI: 11:54, PKTOI: :52, PPTOI: 2:49, 60 Games, 4 goals 14 assists, -7, 49 hits, 47 blocked shots

Potter: 29 years old, ESTOI: 16:36, PKTOI: :51, PPTOI: 2:28, 62 games, 4 goals, 17 assists, -16, 90 hits, 79 blocked shots.

So, Potter, a "BETTER PMD" than Weber scored a whopping 4 more assists than Weber while playing 2 more games and averaging over 4:42 more TOI per game than Weber. Should we even comment on the fact that Potter is 5 years older than Weber? How do we feel about Potter's being -16 to Weber's -7? Heck, Potter is so much better than Weber that Potter and Weber have the exact same point totals this season even though Potter has played 13 games to Weber's 1.

Weber's ONLY problem is that he is playing on a team that has 3 superior PMD in Subban, Markov and Diaz, as well as having a coach who trusts a veteran PMD (Kaberle) more than he does a young guy like Weber.

Wow, the way some Oilers fans overvalue every single player on their team one would think the Oilers won the Cup for the last 4 years and were 1st place overall this season, rather than being in 12th in their conference. Yes, if Weber were traded to Edmonton someone would be put on waivers. I think you would be very surprised at who, though. Think about the 29 year old "better" PMD with the same number of points as the 24 year old who has played 12 less games... Potter "better" than Weber...sigh...

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