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03-06-2013, 03:46 PM
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Wrote to Bluesfest twice last year requesting more indie bands and less EDM to entertain Monahan's 13-y-o daughter.

Also requested that they sell individual tickets like other festivals so two-week holders can re-sell the days we can't attend. They charged $55 extra for these over the wristbands but I appreciated it.

Organizers went 2 for 2 in listening to feedback from a regular passport buyer. Big thumbs up, much to the benefit of all in Ottawa.

A plethora of intriguing bands on the list this year at $195-$250 early bird, nearly half the $375 tag for 2012 EDM-heavy Bluesfest (with EDM already offered in abundance during Escapade mere days before Bluesfest).

Loved Deltron 3030 with the horn section, easily the highlight of 2012 Bluesfest while the masses chased a lazy Snoop show. The 2,500 who were there knew they were witnessing something precious.

Anyone with depth of musical knowledge would see this diverse lineup is a winner for the city.

Cue the attack of neophytes and moderators to another sensible post!

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