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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
Every coach will have their ups and downs. So, in a sense yes, there will never be THE perfect coach, and again winning can do a lot for a guy who otherwise has flaws in his coaching.

I think he was consistently out-coached in every play-off series last year just on his inability to adapt alone when the other coaches were adapting to the Rangers. There's no reason the OTT and WSH series' needed to go 7. I put some of that on his coaching.

I don't like how he handles the team having a bad night, be it benchings, or jumbling otherwise good lines. I don't like his insistence to play some players regardless of mistakes until they are so bad it's unavoidable (IE Richards/Boyle), and bench others after farting during a line change.

I do respect what he got this team to do last year in the regular season, and he definitely deserved every Jack Adams vote he got. However I want to see what he does this year in the playoffs before I decidedly say one way or another if I like him insofar as I think this team can win with him.
"Lack of adjustments" or "inability to adapt" is really just a bunch of BS unless you can explain, in detail, what you wanted to change. Sounds to me you just wanted things to go a different way. Maybe next time he can go out and score goals for the team. Im sorry those series went 7 games in a traditionally tough NHL playoffs when 5 or 6 game wouldve suited you much better. Hopefully he can adjust his way to less games next time.

As for the benchings, first off, players gain stock with any coach. Brad Richards has more leeway than Chris Kreider. Thats just the way it is, and the way it would be with any coach that ever lived. Perhaps more importantly, you dont like when Torts clamps down on his team when things are going poorly? Would you rather the same players go out in the same lines and make the same mistakes? A sort of "you're doin' fine boys" mentality when the team is clearly struggling? If so, I suggest watching some game tapes from 98-04 to quench your desire.

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