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03-06-2013, 04:35 PM
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not everything the islanders have done in their history is wrong... but in recent times they havent had a lot of success right? and many of their young players were dealt right? and alot of you supporters didnt like the trades that were made right?
Kind of hard to have success when your owner uses cap floor tricks, to spend at times below the cap floor in actual salary. Isles would be a much more competitive team, as I pointed out, if they'd acquired Bobby Ryan and his $5m in salary as oppossed to Thomas phantom cap hit.

if you feel comfortable that snow and ownership will handle okoposo the right way, then i admire you. personally i wouldnt have much faith in things turning out well reguarding this situation.
I have faith that the isles have taken a cautious approach this season with top youngsters Strome/Nino/Brock Nelson/Reinhart/Donovan. I also have faith that if Snow moves the inconsistent 24 yr old Okposo, it'll be part of a bigger deal then a pick+ redundant prospect.

as an islander fan i might feel even worst seeing guys like louongo and chara and even gaborik all playing well for other teams and seeing that i didnt get much return for them. i know it was a different islander management team that let these 3 names go.. but has much really changed since then?
As you point out, Snow was not the gm when Lou and Chara were dealt. He wasn't the gm when Gaborik was passed over. If anything, Snow has proven to be the anti-Milbury, very conservative. I have few complaints about Snow's drafting or trading.

i am not trying to slag on the islanders. all that i said is that id be happy to get okposo if he becomes available. i think the op proposal wouldnt be enough. i like okposo and think hes a valuable guy. i didnt say he is available. i didnt say he should be dealt. i only said that if he does become available it probably is due to his struggling which is possibly an indication that he isnt fitting in. i dont really feel i crawled out on a limb to put 2 and 2 together there...
I've posted the same comments about Grabner and Okposo: Snow will show a lot of patience with core players, on team friendly contracts. The first three seasons of both their 5 yr deals, are team friendly.

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