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03-06-2013, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
"Lack of adjustments" or "inability to adapt" is really just a bunch of BS unless you can explain, in detail, what you wanted to changed. Sounds to me you just wanted things to go a different way. Maybe next time he can go out and score goals for the team. Im sorry those series went 7 games in a traditionally tough NHL playoffs when 5 or 6 game wouldve suited you much better. Hopefully he can adjust his way to less games next time.

As for the benchings, first off, players gain stock with any coach. Brad Richards has more leeway than Chris Kreider. Thats just the way it is, and the way it would be with any coach that ever lived. Perhaps more importantly, you dont like when Torts clamps down on his team when things are going poorly? Would you rather the same players go out in the same lines and make the same mistakes? A sort of "you're doin' fine boys" mentality when the team is clearly struggling? If so, I suggest watching some game tapes from 98-04 to quench your desire.
When the number one seed goes seven games with the eighth, how can you not put any of the blame on the coaching? Ultimately it is up to the players to get the job done, sure, but the Rangers struggled with fast teams all season long. Did Torts change the way the team handled that at all? That series had several problems including scoring and momentum swings, but the coaching was not without fault.

I'm not saying a Richards shouldn't have more leeway than a Kreider, but he obviously has guys he trusts more than others. Sometimes he does exactly what you are suggesting by putting players like Richards out there in key situations, especially on special teams, when they are clearly having a bad night. I understand wanting to get your best players going, or out of a funk, but his leash is too long at times.

Struggling is relative, if you are in a 4 game winning streak and the lines aren't clicking after one period, but have been for the prior 12, why mix it up? If they are on a 4 game skid and he still hasn't changed anything, then yes I completely agree.

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