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Originally Posted by VeteranNetPresence View Post
this last page is reminding me of how useless high school was
This year has marked the 10th anniversary that Mrs. C and I graduated from our respective high schools, which of course lead to discussion of reunions.

My wife first asked me about two years ago if I was looking forward to my reunion. I looked at her and asked if she was high - I had absolutely no intention of going to mine.

So, taking the opposite approach, she decided to organize hers. I warned her against this. I think our conversation went something like this;

Her - "I'm going to organize my high school reunion."
Me - "I wouldn't do that if I were you."
Her - "Why?"
Me - "Didn't all of these people used to drive you crazy during high school?"
Her - "Well, yeah, but they've matured since then."
Me - "..."
Her - "They have!"
Me - "..."
Her - "Well...they have to have, right?"
Me - "..."

Flash forward several months, and she's tearing her hair out over how frustrating, immature and silly they're all being. She can't even get 25 people to throw down to reserve a location.

Poor thing. If only someone had warned her...

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