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07-24-2006, 02:51 PM
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I wouldn't say some of you are nuts but some of the responses just don't make sense.
Which prospect do we have to replace Ryder? Kost? Prez? Lats? Pleky? The only one who has a shot at getting close to Ryder this year is Higgins and they play on the same bloody line. Unless you think one of our 4 prospects are super rookies which they aren't. They are all good prospects but surely not slated for super stardom. On his bad year he netted 30 goals and was the leader in goals for the team and some think that some rookie will just walk in and replace him? I rather doubt that any of them will even get close other than maybe Higgins.
You can't really say that Ribs doesn't make other players play better. He has problems, sure, but he did get one AHL player (even that is debatable) in Dags to score 17 goals and assuming he played at the same rate of success for the whole season, could have gotten 27 goals (streeeeetch).
I'm not saying that either Ribs or Ryder are better than Gomez but I think some are underestimating the two and some (I know this is a prospects board but still) are overestimating the prospects. And for the money Gomez will warrant, I rather spend it elsewhere. If for 3mil, that would be interesting but 5mill+ plus giving away Ribs (not a big deal maybe), Ryder (err..what?) and a draft pick? 5mil straight up is one thing but giving away 3 young players who are only getting better plus the financial load Gomez would bring? No way.

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