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03-06-2013, 05:14 PM
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Reading Eric's statement really makes me feel for Marc even more. Obviously, the injury is horrible and terrifying, but honestly, sitting there with your eye swollen shut waiting to hear about the future of your career and life sounds terrifying and awful in it's own right. I can't help but wonder if there's something we can do as fans to help him out during this tense time.

The idea of a card was going around on the PGT last night and people rightfully pointed out that we don't know how serious the injury is and how long he'll be out yet. How about a virtual get well card? Is there a blogging site somewhere that allows the site to be open to anybody to update? Maybe something like tumblr, but I'm not sure if they have that functionality. I'll check about that when I get home. But maybe we could make a blog like that "" or something and we can all write a little get well message for him and try to spread it around the web. Ideally, we could tweet the address to DZ, Henrik, the beat-writers, and whoever else is big on twitter with NYR and get word back to Marc himself. Obviously, it's not going to heal him or anything, but I'm sure it'd be nice to get a massive outpour of support like that.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Just saw the post above me. Good to know that he has some more info. The idea might still be relevant and useful though if we can find the right site to use and enough people think it'd be worthwhile.

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