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03-06-2013, 05:18 PM
Kidmograph tho.
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Originally Posted by Killem Dafoe View Post
Oh for sure, I love talking about hockey and I love debating with people. A good, healthy debate is always fun for me. Especially when it comes to hockey because down here I don't really have any hockey friends. So I come here to get my fix and I'm here every day, but It's hard to come on and look for fun and healthy hockey talk when so many people have a 15 foot pole up their ***. Absolutely, there are way more people here trying to prove something with every post than actual fun people just trying to kick back and talk some hockey with some buddies. When I first joined HF I was shocked to see the amount of Ranger fans who **** all over other Ranger fans in this section. I'm thinking, "who cares, we're all Ranger fans, let's just get along." Nope. It's the way of the world my man. On any online public forum there will be wieners trying to be the know-it-all and taking ***** on everyone for everything to flex their online knowledge muscles. I just giggle at them because they probably get **** on at work by their boss, then at home by their gf or wife, maybe they got pulled over and got **** on by the cop so they feel the need to come here and **** on other people. It makes them feel better because in real life they're insecure and probably not well-liked.

You know, I went to the lounge section and posted "Hey guys, I'm new to this section, what's up?" I'm thinking it's a casual section of HF to come and shoot the **** with other posters. While most are pretty nice..ehh a good amount are really nice, someone literally responded with, "No **** you're new. And no one cares." LOL I literally had no words for that response. I wasn't aware I was walking into the yard at some prison. I get fuzzy when I meet genuinely nice people here. A poster from the Canadiens board (a global mod) answered some questions for me about the Habs since I'm GMing them in our keeper league. He was so ****ing nice I got up and hugged my kids. I just wish others would follow by that example. If someone doesn't know as much about hockey than you and still tries to post, be kind to them, don't **** all over them because they are making the conscious decision to take time from their day to be here and talk about the same thing everyone else is here to talk about. We're all here because we want to be here, not because we have to. I think a place like this should be here for us to have fun and make friends and get along, not to **** on people and try to be the smarty pants of the year. This is a place of fun. Not our workplace where it's understandable to be grumpy and bitter.

You guys all make it fun to be here and you're the reasons why I come here every day and invest so much time to HF because there are a good few people who "get it" and make coming here truly worth it.
Definitely man. I don't need hockey friends. I have my dad (DoTheBlue), my g/f who I turned in to a diehard, and HFBoards.

The part about the guy from the lounge made me lol. That place is too cliquey for my liking. Prison yard, hahahaha.

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