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03-06-2013, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
You look at that list and it really underscores how inept management has been here in Montreal for the last decade and a half.
Agreed. Most player's on that list have put up some pretty dismal statistics.

Some not though, like Pouliot is playing well for a value player.

And like I mentioned Metropolis's stats are incredible. I read up on him a bit more. It seems to me he probably enjoyed playing in SWISS-A more than North America. He apparently has quiet the fan following there.

Sorry about Moore, I knew his wife had passed and didn't play this year. just was pooring over stat's and player's from past two years and put him in without thinking. Poor guy.


Would really like to get a video of him fighting in the KHL from this year!! because other than getting 2 penalties per game.. He would have to be fighting quiet often.

I've tried translating the word "fight" to Russian and putting "Andrei Kostistyn (russian word for fight) KHL" and can't get anything.

Can anyone help out on this one?

would be cool to see A.K. dropping the gloves (other than when he defended Sergei.)

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