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03-06-2013, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by 2 Minute Minor View Post
I think you're grasping at straws a bit here. Halak isn't having a fabulous season, but he's playing a lot better than Elliott.

To me, the most damning moment was right after Halak was pulled last night, when Elliott came in, the body language of the team looked like they KNEW they were going to lose. They have zero confidence playing in front of Elliott. Between that moment, and the Dallas game, after having almost a month to try and pull it together, I just don't see how they have time with 26 games left to give Elliott more starts in the NHL this season unless there is no alternative.

I like Elliott, and I think he'll get back into form, but I'm not convinced he can do it this season in the role as a backup. The team's psyche is too fragile right now, which is its own issue, but solid goaltending is all the more important.

The one stretch where the team started to get back to playing the defensive game, aggressive forecheck, and quit running around on defense with everyone trying to do everyone else's jobs was the stretch when Allen was starting.

If Allen continues playing with confidence, and the team wins some games, I see Elliott being exposed to waivers when some of the forwards get healthy and need a spot back in the line-up. He may get another start before that happens, but I think he may have already had it. I'm really not sure anyone will pick him up....but I think the Blues are in a position where there is no more choice about the matter unless they're willing to sacrifice this season.

Silver lining: IF the team gets back to playing the Blues hockey we became accustomed to last season, they'll enter the post-season with little pressure on them. Maybe that allows them to have a better run?
If the argument is that the team had a letdown seeing Elliott coming in and THEN thinking they were going to lose, I can't agree. If that's not the argument I apologize for misunderstanding.

Halak let in 4 straight goals, was poor and got pulled. By the time it was 4-4 it felt over, especially with that tying goal being so soft. Elliott actually came in and made a stellar save or two (it's in the GDT) and the goal he allowed was a point blank slot shot that I don't fault him for allowing.

Again, I'm not saying Halak is definitely going to be moved. All I'm saying is that snap-recalling Jake Allen last night is clearly not directed at Elliott, it's clearly directed at both guys. Everyone's save percentage is terrible. And it is certainly possible something is up with Halak and his gimpy play (since he arrived he's been gimpy at key times each year) and the team's dissatisfaction with that.

Halak's actual salary has crept way up there. Did you guys realize Halak is the team's highest salary this year? He's second highest next year (Backes 4.75M, Halak 4.5M). He's no longer a goaltender on the cheap he's paid like a #1 but he isn't performing that way. Elliott is paid like a backup and he's performing that way and worse. If a guy like Mike Smith for 2M/yr can be found in free agency, on a budget team they can't pay a #1 4.5M and him not perform at least up to standards that will allow the team to compete. I see a lot of insistence that Halak is #1 but not a lot of realization he's getting paid 2.5x what Elliott is making and posting an .884, which is dreadful. Organizationally, if someone made an offer for Halak that was solid value, you get value back AND clear your largest salary off the books when it isn't providing a return.

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