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03-06-2013, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockey Team View Post
That's why there's more players coming into the NHL wearing visors now.

There's always some players who don't like them, others who feel they shouldn't wear them because of their playing style, and some who have severe problems with a visor (like the ones who have to constantly wipe down the visor, I doubt any player is going to put up a visor fogging up on them).

This isn't a rec league. A foggy visor is much more dangerous to a player's career then the small risk of a visor-preventable injury.
I'm going to assume you haven't worn a visor for quite a while. Most visors made today are tilted and vented so they don't fog much..and there's also plenty of sprays and coatings that virtually eliminate fogging in all but the most severe of conditions (like playing in the summer when it's 100F outside and high humidity).

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