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Originally Posted by superroyain10 View Post
This is actually a little difficult to answer. From the stats, it looks like both would be about as productive as Crosby offensively, but we know that Crosby is better defensively. I doubt Bossy and Statsny could play better defensively without their offense suffering.
First off, Crosby is NOT a defensive juggernaut. He is NOT in the same class as Toews and especially Dats defensively.
This is something that seems to be growing more and more exaggerated as this thread moves forward.
Sid is defensively responsible, a decent 2-way player but that's as far as it goes. He does NOT excel at defense.

I would have no problem conceding that Sid is more defensively responsible than Stastny was but Bossy...I don't think so.
That entire Isles dynasty took great pride in their defensive assignments, Bossy included.

The argument that Gretzky was not very good defensively is lame. Sure, in the regular season, those Oiler teams could give 2 ***** about defense but come playoff time, they learned he hard way that offense only takes you so far.
And I'm sorry but Gretzky in the playoffs, playing defensively responsible, did NOT see his production drop very much and certainly not by the degree that some in this thread seem to attribute to playing a more 2-way game.

I dare anyone to watch any of Gretzky's PO games post '83 or any of his Canada Cup games and come back and say he was ignoring his defensive responsibilities.
I will call bull**** faster than you can spit

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