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03-06-2013, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Pantherfan12 View Post
I think it depends on which way you look at it as. On one hand, you have a chance to draft a top prospect. I, personally don't know the players and who they are comparable too, but it seems as though they are noteworthy. The downside is that, that prospect will probably be in the system for at least a season to get experience at a professional level (unless they are one of the few prospects already NHL ready)
One the other hand, you have a chance to make the post season and further the success of the franchise. While this season has been laughable at best, we do have a lot of brightspots in Huberdeau-Shore-Mueller line, Markstrom, Kopecky, and Robak. I think if the Panthers did a 180 and somehow made it to the post season, it would be a great accomplishment for the season. It will bring in more revenue. It will bring our youth some playoff experience,as well as help guys like Kulikov and Gudbranson further their playoff experience. I believe it will be talked about in the NHL world as the bottom team clawing their way back into the playoffs. Who knows what happens once the team makes the playoffs. Maybe certain players make it back onto the team. Maybe Tallon adds a player or two, to help with the playoff push. Maybe,just maybe, the team makes it into the 2nd round.
I just think there is more to be said about a team that made it to the post season,not once but twice, in years where no one expected anything from them.
Like this post my friend. Most are begging for a top 5 pick and that's their opinion but no draft pick is a guarantee. So many first rounders play a couple seasons and flounder and there's some that make an impact. I'd rather have a team come together and push for the playoffs and build team chemistry instead of wait for the draft for a solution to the problem.

Tallon will be evaluating all the way up to the deadline and if we have a shot at the playoffs then he will make decisions to help us get back there. If we don't have a chance then some guys may get moved, either way I trust in Tallon. I understand alot of experts have written us of but the game last night proved we are not done with this season, we still have 25 games left and are 5pts out of 8th and 8pts out of 3rd.

I know if we win 5 of the next 8, the "tankers" will quiet down and beg for Tallon to make some moves to help us reach the playoffs. I must admit the draft is loaded with picks but it is every year and there are hidden gems found late in the 1st round as well as in the 5th or 6th rounds.

I say we keep clawing our way forward, get some key players healthy like Kuli and Versteeg and let the youngsters lead the way, I'm keeping the dream alive of back to back Southeast titles. If we do push into the playoffs, #9 may consider another couple years here which I would welcome.

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