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Originally Posted by Vince McMahon View Post
What I'd book:

Over the next few weeks on Raw, have Cena put over how much the loss hurt him and how badly he needs redemption and how he'll do anything to right the wrong. Typical IWC reads into his comments as him turning heel. We're special like that.

Rock continues putting over how he KNOWS he can beat Cena because he's done it and he'll do it again at Wrestlemania. Rock says Cena will always go down as the man that got beat by The Rock twice. The go-home show to Wrestlemania concludes with Cena snapping and he and Rock brawling, leading to the locker room pulling them apart.

Wrestlemania, I have two scenarios in mind:

A) Cena has his usual big Wrestlemania entrance in all black attire, black shorts, etc...they wrestle for about 12 minutes until the referee takes a bump and chaos ensues. Tons of brawling around ringside, Cena starts showing glimpses of him doing anything and low blows The Rock to a mixed reaction. Cena notices the referee is still out leads to him getting a steel chair and going crazy o The Rock, a la WM17 Austin-Rock. Cena throws the chair out of the ring and the referee comes to, but when Cena goes for the cover, its only a 2 count. Cena takes off the turnbuckle padding to distract the ref, and then gets the WWE title and nails Rock in the head and picks up the victory. Next night on Raw - Cena puts over the fact that he said he NEEDED to right the wrong and he said he'd do anything to do that, and he did. It leads to a final encounter between Rock-Cena at Extreme Rules, a Last Man Standing match.


B) Cena-Rock are wrestling a clean match for about 13-15 minutes when Paul Heyman suddenly makes his presence felt. Rock-Heyman would have a brief backstage segment on the go-home Raw. Rock would turn his attention to Heyman and drag him into the ring, but as the ref would push Paul out, Cena would have his steel chain and nail The Rock in the head behind the referees back. Cena-Heyman look at each other and lip "anything" to each other. Cena goes bat **** insane as he gets mental images of WM28 when Rock beat Cena and takes it to The Rock. John Cena gets the win and Heyman and Cena acknowledge each other in the ring to close. Leads to Rock-Cena III at Extreme Rules and plants the seeds for Rock-Brock at WM30.

Now, A equals Cena remaining face, which is what WWE wants, but having a more edgy, ruthless, aggressive side. B equals a full heel turn, which WWE wont want, not right now at least.

Wwe booking says Cena wins a clean match, but they have to realize that post-WM, the product will be dreadful and bland and they need to do something about it. Cena showing a new side would do that. Also, it would lead up to Cena-Taker at WM30.
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