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Originally Posted by rey72335 View Post
On the contrary, part of me thinks that this might give 'Taker the reason to end the streak.

I could see something along the lines of Paul (the character) was the one taking care of Undertaker all these years, keeping him as healthy as can be and allowing him to return. Now that he's no longer with us, it makes the Undertaker weak... weak enough to lose. Have Punk say something about Paul (don't go too far with it though) and turn the match into a casket match, or a buried alive match.. Have Punk win, "end" the Undertaker allowing him to be re-united with Paul in the after-life.

Mark finally gets to retire, and much deservedly so.. it could even set up a rivalry between Kane and Punk. Kane wanting revenge for what Punk did to his "brother", and it could ultimately end with Kane's character ending allowing Glenn to retire. Punk has the bragging rights that he ended the streak as well as retired the Undertaker and Kane.

Also, I hate using their actual names.. but I had too in order to differentiate between character and performer.
Read your first sentence and immediately thought no.

Read further into it and it's not a bad idea. It would definitely surprise people if this happened.

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