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Originally Posted by Cashville View Post
My expectation was to claw for 7th or 8th, but likely miss the playoffs; we're in line with my expectations generally. I don't lay all the blame on Poile because I think he does the best he can with the options he has available. I also look at some alternatives like Howson, Feaster, Regier who were/are just terrible, and others like Burke and Carlyle who had successes and failures. If we ditch Poile, who do we pick up that we can say is better with a large degree of confidence?
It's up to ownership to find the right guy. Pittsburgh didn't re-sign Craig Patrick (a reputable GM) because they found their guy Ray Shero. And Shero has made the right agressive moves to get that team at the top and they will be for the indefinite future. Good asset mgmt like trading Staal when he wasn't going to re-sign only furthers their stability as a franchise.

Yes you can make the wrong hire, but fear of making the wrong move isn't in the DNA of successful franchises, or people for that matter.

Unfortunately, that is in Poile's DNA. He has to be the one, if not the most complacent GM in the game. Does his patience pay dividends? To a degree, but we've seen the degree...

Both Suter and Weber wanted out primary because of Poile's complacency. They have both publicly stated that want to see improvement in the roster. We saw a last ditch effort by Poile and owners by outbidding everyone for deadline rentals.

We as fans have that complaint, but when our stars start seeing the same pattern of inactivity, they don't want to be a part of it. And when they don't want to be a part of it, other players don't want to be a part of it.

Poile hasn't made a good trade in 10 years, since Steve Sullivan. By good trade, I mean semi long-term top 6 forward or top 4 dman. Our most agressive long-term trades (Sullivan, Dunham, etc) happened when Shero was assitant GM. One has to wonder what role he played in those, because it's certainly not the norm for Poile.

Poile did not have a pulse on the likes of Weber, Radulov, Suter. Taking Weber to arbitration was a horrible move, and Poile publicly stated he didn't have time to work on Suter and Rinne extensions because he was too busy with Weber's arbitration. Not to mention you're taking your best player to court to argue that he's not worth the money.

3-4 years ago, we had a lot of assets (credit to Poile and scouts). Now we don't, and we're left with an average (at best) roster. This falls directly on Poile.

Beyond dealing with star players and managing assets, we continue to put all our faith in 3rd line players or marginal players. Signing Gaustad to the contract we did was one of the worst NHL signings recent memory. Since the 2nd part of last year, Fisher has shown why he was mostly a 3rd liner in Ottawa. We go a sign him to an even more expensive contract and force him to be a scoring line center. Hal Gill is the slowest player in the NHL and agining fast- we sign him to a multi-year deal at an even higher rate. The list goes on...

I've said the past 2 years--- we could either be a team on cusp of eliteness or a team scrapping to get by. Our fate was in Poile's hands. Unfortunately, it's looking like like the latter.

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