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Originally Posted by Victory5 View Post
No offense, but what the hell are you talking about?? 55 points? That equates to over 100 points in a regular 82 game season.

Ive seen this multiple times on this board, that we have to go 16-8 just to make it. No..we really only have to hvae a winning record in the next 24 games. That would guarantee us around 47 points.

Lets look at the 1994-95 season when teams played only 48 games

In the east it took 47 points to make the playoffs, in the west, it took 42.–95_NHL_season

We have 23 now, if we win 12 more games, thats 47 points, thats a playoff spot, end of story.
55 in 48 doesn't equate to over 100 in 82, so I don't know 'what the hell you're talking about'

1.NY Rangers 67 31-12-5
2.Boston 66 32-14-2
3.Washington 55 26-19-3
4.Philadelphia 63 29-14-5
5.Pittsburgh 58 27-17-4
6.Ottawa 58 26-16-6
7.New Jersey 55 26-19-3
8.Florida 55 22-15-11
9.Toronto 53 24-19-5
10.Winnipeg 50 22-20-6
11.Tampa Bay 46 21-23-4
12.NY Islanders 45 19-22-7
13.Montreal 45 18-21-9
14.Buffalo 43 19-24-5
15.Carolina 40 16-24-8

That is the standings after 48 games played last year, the 8th seed had 55 points. And I see someone else pretty much said everything I did here, so before you go on putting someone else's post down and insulting them, maybe you should do a little research.

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