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03-06-2013, 06:59 PM
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Being an NDG'er myself, I must recommend that you try the restaurant that Swiss Chalet copied (badly). It's called the Chalet Bar-B-Q and it's at the corner of Sherbrooke St. and Addington Ave. It has been open since 1944, a full 10 years before Swiss Chalet opened in Toronto and it has never really changed. The rotisserie chickens are roasted in maplewood charcoal ovens that haven't been allowed in new restaurants for decades but because Chalet is as old as it is, the laws were grandfathered for it. I guarantee it will be the best chicken you've ever had in your life, hell I grew up on this stuff! Every year the Montreal Gazette has the "Quest for the best" in many categories and of course, one of them is traditional rotisserie chicken. Every single year, Chalet Bar-B-Q, with just the one location, defeats St.-Hubert, Cote St.-Luc BBQ and Scores by a landslide. It's pretty reasonable too, roughly $10 per person. I brought one of my friends from Toronto there and even though he didn't believe the hype, once he tasted it, in his own words he "wanted to move in there" LOL. Whenever I go back home to Montreal and I'm eating there, I still text him saying "Guess where I am!" to which he replies in words not suitable for this forum. The place is a Montreal institution and I just can't say enough about it. Their small website will give you all the information you need:
Oh yes, one more thing, because it is in NDG and near Westmount, it is very English-friendly, in fact, in NDG, most stores will greet you in English first regardless of Bill 101. LOL

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