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07-24-2006, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Kirk Muller View Post
Why? Because he has different opinion from you? And he dares to say it on the radio?

I think you're right. People who say anything bad about Gainey should be barred from appearing on TV and radio and newspaper at all to comment.

Grow the **** up. For serious.
Did you happen to listen 110% or CKAC when Villeneuve is on the host??

I can resume his opinion on any matter concerning the habs

1- If player X is not a french canadian, he sucks or the montreal canadian overpay him or we should trade him

2- If Bob Gainey take a decision , it not the right one.

3- If Bob Gainey doesn t sign the best UFA available, Gainey miss the boat.

4- Montreal won't make the playoff

5- Koivu is not a real captain because he doesn't speak french.

I have no problem at all with somoene speaking against the habs, even me i do sometime. But when somoene is speaking against the habs ALL the time, i think he have a problem , even more when the guy is absolutely sure that he's the next big thing after Guy A Lepage.

Plus when somoene is beating the same dead horse all the time (not enough french canadian inside the team or the habs doesn't want french canadian (even if it not true)), this is getting damn annoying.

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