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07-24-2006, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Vincent_TheGreat View Post
Exactly, the original post was pretty ignorant. Thats like telling a Ukrainian person they are Russian, man they will beat you silly. Belarus is not Russia. Russia is not Belarus, just like Canada is not the US and the US is not Canada.

Meh. The Ukrainians have a little brother syndrome, that's why. Belarus is trying to unite with Russia again. Ethnically the two contries are soo close u can't tell em apart. Culture is the same, prob a bigger % of people speak russian in belarus then they do in Russia. Keep in mind it's the Russian FEDERATION, not russia. Many different groups of people from different language groups and ethnical identities fall into that catagory.

If any thing we can call it the red line. Reguardless it's very exciting to see a team full of former Soviets.

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