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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
I'm going to agree that Toews and Datsyuk deserve higher praise for their defense than Crosby (maybe even a lot more, because of how much credit I give to anyone who is even noticeably better than Crosby defensively), but I'm pretty sure I can't agree with him being simply "defensively responsible". He just does too many of the little things better than 90% of all players out there on the defensive side of the puck alone, has great body positioning/control, and simply reads the play way too well to be considered in the group below those who "excel at defense". I'll offer that I consider his decision-making/risk-taking (relative to Toews/Datsyuk, of course), despite the relatively few times it actually works against him, enough to slot him in just below those two.
And you honestly believe Crosby is better at "reading plays/knowing the flow of the game" better than Gretzky?

Reality check.

And "90% of all players out there" is total exaggeration.
I have seen absolutely nothing on the defensive side of thing to put him up with a Lindros or a Forsberg or even a Sakic.

Seriously, the "new" Kovalchuk plays a sounder defensive game than Crosby does. No joke, he was damned impressive defensively last spring.
Crosby and his Pens were absolutely and most definitely not!

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