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07-24-2006, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by turnbuckle View Post
Are you cereal? If Gomez isn't Gainey's type of player, what does that make Ribeiro? You don't like Gomez/Kositisyn better than Ribs/Ryder? Surprising; I agree with most of your opinions, this time I certainly don't. Gomez has improved his game considerably thru the years, i didn't used to like his game, but now in his prime he's a helluva hockey player IMO.
I would think that for most of us who don't like the idea of this trade (rumor) I think it comes to this. We all agree that Gomez is a good player. A better package than Ribs no doubt. The problem is giving too much only to receive a player that is paid a heck of a lot from a team that just "has" to get rid of him in the first place since Gomez is too expensive. It's one thing for the Habs to just take Gomez off their hands without giving up anything (won't happen) but to give them our top scorer (on a team that needs more scoring) and our 2nd C and a draft pick for a 1 year 5+mil player... First I don't see the Devils being able to afford Ribs and Ryder if they can't afford Gomez (yes yes, i realize they are cheaper than Gomez but not by much) unless they weren't planning on keeping both in which case...why take them? Why not take a prospect instead? It just doesn't make sense for both sides...And no, I don't see any of our young guys taking over Ryders spot and producing equivalently. Higgs doesn't count as he plays opposite of Ryder.
Besides, Ryder and Ribs(debatable) are both still young and getting better.

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