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03-06-2013, 08:15 PM
Xavier Laflamme*
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2 Sundays ago I got hit square in the eyeball with a shot and went down squirming on the ice just like Staal. I lost vision in my right eye for about 3 hours and went and seen an optometrist the following Monday. The doc said I suffered traumatic hyfphema. It caused bleeding inside my eye and the pressure in the eye, which normally is around 10-20 was at a 50. They gave me 4 different drops to take as well as pills that dialated and took the pressure off my right eye. In 2 days my pressure was back to normal and I'm back to taking just one kind of eye drop. I had 20/20 vision in both eyes but only have 20/40 in the right one. The doc says it will come back as the eye starts to decrease its dialating since I'm off most of the drops. I had to miss a week of work but have since returned and been released to full activity in whatever I want to do.

This isn't a "look at me" story, just I went through that looks similar to Staal, and even though the injury looked awful, it actually ended up not being nearly as bad as what it could have been.

Hoping Staal makes a quick recovery as a Pens fan. He's a great dman to watch.

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