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Originally Posted by worstfaceoffmanever View Post
This was brought up in the previous MLS thread. The CCL spots are not awarded to MLS - they are awarded to the USSF, who then awards them to the US Open Cup winner and the three best American teams in MLS. The USSF has absolutely zero incentive to hurt its own chances in the CCL to help Canadian teams. Even if they wanted to give a spot to a Canadian team, CONCACAF probably would not let them.

If the primary concern of the Canadian clubs is the Champions League, then they should either a.) prioritize the Canadian Championship over early-season MLS games, or b.) break away and form their own first division, assuming they can find enough economically viable teams to make that arrangement work.
The bigger thing is....there are 4 Canadian teams!!! How many teams do they need in Champs!!! Hell nobody can even beat Toronto, they don't deserve even the one they get it seems.

Originally Posted by Capitaine Gionta View Post
Problem is he has been making mistake after mistake since he joined the Impact last year. His positioning is awful, sucks on crosses (low or high) and has slippery hands. His only redeemable quality is that he is a good shot stopper because of his size and athleticism.

Also, a pro should know that you can't grab a back pass. It should be ingrained in his brain.
Always has been since he was on the Gals. Pretty good shot stopper that can do little else and even then he only does it half the year cause he is always injured.

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