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03-06-2013, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I'm a franco, and you guys will realize what it is to lose TSN690 the day you'll see what will replace them.

The morning show is great as far as I'M concerned. Loved Casavant, love even more Bird. I particularly don't Marinaro as I take him for what he is. Love the Friday night Noon show with all the guys. And Melnick show...well it's fine. At least the first hour is. Everything else after, like Overlords said, is old music I don't like and other stuff I can do without.

But TSN690 is a necessity. I obviously don't mind a franco sports radio show....with the idea that it would be filled with interesting people but I haven't seen that yet. The greatest news of not having a franco radio show is the fact that we don't hear Michel Villeneuve anymore. He is at 98,5fm but plays at 6:30 which means for me that I just can't listen to him and that's totally fine. But english for french? There's clearly more substance in the english part of it than there ever was on the french one. Bring me some Mathias Brunet, Cantin, Dubé, to a certain extent Langlois, Vercheval for football and a few others....but usually, those guys aren't the ones you'll listen to. And I tell you....when all is said and will GREATLY miss TSN690.
What I don't understand is why can't there be an RDS channel for people who prefer French and a TSN channel for those who prefer English? I'm a little ignorant of the history which has lead to this but would that not be the clear, obvious answer?

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