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07-24-2006, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by anon View Post
I think the Malibu is based on the same platform as the Opel and Saab 9-3, so maybe Chevy borrowed some of the European spirit.

One thing that really bugs me about American cars is that they're shaped like too many Americans - big fat rear ends. So many of them have this giant ground clearance in the back with trunks that ride up so high. That makes the actual rear window tiny, which doesn't make for great visibility. Some otherwise nice looking American cars have been butchered with these horrid rear designs.
Yeah I agree the Americans created their cars in their image.

I like a blend of style, functionality, and proportion. And most of all I like a car that looks solid yet not too bold. I think Dodge did really well on some of their models, though that's purely up to taste I guess. Some hate them. And maybe they do have the raised arse syndrome a bit. I personally like the Caliber and Charger a lot (design wise, haven't driven either one yet). Those are my kind of cars. Maybe I'll change my mind once I drive them, it's purely based on exterior looks at this point, like choosing a girl (ok I shouldn't have said that).

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