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03-06-2013, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by tjcurrie View Post
If you have a guy who can play 25 games allowing Kari proper rest, I don't see how that's a waste. Right now I don't feel all that confident in playing either of the others in 5-10 games, and I doubt management does either. That's a problem, unless your goalie is Martin Brodeur.

And let's say Bishop proves he can be a starter and even outperforms Kari a lot of nights, then you have options. What are out options now? Play Kari 70+ games?

I think the only problem would be Bishop may not want to sign on to be a backup.
So the Stars get Bishop for next year and he is either a great success the team can flip or about as effective as Bachman/Nihlstorp?

Speculating on Bishop doesn't make sense for this team, and there should be plenty of moderately washed up backups in the Vokoun/Theodore mold available as UFAs if Nihlstop/Bachman doesn't cut it.

I get what you are saying about giving Kari a rest, but this team needs fixes elsewhere more than it needs a goalie who is projected to be a good starter at the same time Campbell is getting ready to take the reigns.

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