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03-06-2013, 09:53 PM
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Originally Posted by datsykiandeke View Post
Came across this article on yahoo sports. I usually don't care for much of the articles on there because they don't really seem to have any feel like how fans of said team actually feel about they're team or organization. However reading this article not only made me be like dang this guy is not only talking about what I'm talking about but much of HF on the wings board has been as well. Tom is also a Michigan native and covers the red wings for yahoo so I feel what he is saying in the article mimics what most of have been as well. Just thought I would share with ya guys! Cheers.

One quote in the article that seems like much of the wings board has also felt "It kills me to see Datsyuk's talent go to waste. Put some skill players around him so he can continue to produce like he did earlier in the season."
It's about time someone other than the posters on HF spoke up.

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