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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Some where between 1st and last.

Seriously i gave a pretty detailed opinion of how they compared to today's players.

Peter probably would translate easier, ie. less chance of variance due to his position, skating ect..

Let's put them back on their old teams in their Peters rookie and 2nd season (his two best or peak) seasons? Peter would be the #1 center in Colorado and maybe have something like a 25-35 goal guy with maybe 40-50 assists at his peak given the current makeup of that team.

It really depends on so many variables but he could be a 75 point guy at his peak I guess if all went well, maybe a bit more.

Bossy, like I said would have more variance, a chance to boom or bust, mostly due to his skating (how he compared to his peers). Maybe that translates and he is a 40 plus goal scorer with Taveres, maybe his alck of foot speed limits his chances, who knows.

So what you're saying is that Bossy would be about a 40-40 man and Stastny would be close behind.

A little more perspective....Phil Kessel would be as productive and maybe even slightly more so

But you know what, for the sake of progression, I'll ignore that silliness and move on.

In the 85/86 season Gretzky blew Bossy away by 74.8% and blew Stastny away by 76.2%.

Gretzky holding the same margin today over a 40-40 Bossy is 140 points.
140 points and that's taking your extremely liberal expectations of Bossy and Stastny's values.

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