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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
There is no doubt that Sid is alot better than Wayne was at the two way game, we have plenty of regular season statistical evidence to see that (as well for those that are old enough the eye test as well).

Wayne at his peak with the Oilers played a ":we will simply outscore you style of hockey and we don't care how many goals we give up" style.

None of the "Wayne would score 150 plus easy crowd" has addressed how the current NHL would tolerate that type of play, as the goal of all teams is to win right?
And AGAIN, explain then how when Gretzky and the Oiler's DID play responsible defense in the PO's, Gretzky still produced at incredible rates. Rates that aren't even much off of his regular season rates most years?

Or explain to us all how when Gretzky played in the Canada Cups, against the best of the best from around the world, he out scored all them too?
Playing defensively responsible defense to boot!

Sorry but your conclusions and theories simply don't hold any weight once we get to the head to head, peer to peer, era to era comparisons.

Gretzky--->Lemieux--->Jagr--->pre-lockout top players--->post lockout top players.
Crosby is IMO the best player since Jagr. Better than all the other pre and post lockout top players.
He still, IMO, is not better that Jagr and neither Jagr nor Crosby could even tie Wayne's or Mario's skate laces.

I've made this point before and I'll make it again.
It doesn't matter if the league is faster, bigger and employs tighter systems today.
Gretzky wasn't the fastest or remotely the strongest in the 80's either.
It was his ability to see things far ahead of anyone else along with his ridiculous accuracy with both his shots and passing that made him as great as he was.
Today's "systems" are all about giving up the low % play to eliminate the high % plays. Straight up, coaches go in with the mind set that if you can make the perfect pass/shot, you can beat us but the odds of that happening are slim at best.
Gretzky feasted on low % plays his whole career and it would be absolutely no different today.
As far as goaltending goes, it's a moot point. Every player Gretzky competed against back then played against the exact same goalies he did and he blew them all away.

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