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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
There is no doubt that Sid is... None of the "Wayne would score 150 plus easy crowd" has addressed how the current NHL would tolerate that type of play, as the goal of all teams is to win right?
Sidney Crosby is nowhere near the hockey player Wayne Gretzky was Hv, far more temporal, down to Earth. He has a two way game because he has to have one, and I think your discounting or forgetting that when called upon to do so, Gretzky's defensive game, literally stripping the puck off of an attackers stick and hoofing it back was a site to behold, and a rare one at that.

When your playing about 95% of your game from the centre in, when your opponents are terrified, reactive as opposed to being proactive, always on the defensive & very worried, when you can totally control the pace & movement of a game in your minds eye and in the palm of your hand the way Gretzky did, what does defence even matter? That he wouldnt transcend todays players & the way the games played with full-on cycle absent the centre ice-red line in the same way he did in the 80's? C'mon here. The rule changes and the way the games opened up, with better conditioning etc? Id add prolly 20% in points totals to what he did rack up back in the day. The guy was Supernatural. That kind of talent knows no boundaries of age or era.

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