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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post

that's why a crossover is an abject failure..... and one major reason why the AHL finally adopted the 3 division alignment in each conference, after having 2 divisions of which one division had 7 and then 8 in a division necessitatating a cross-over, in which two teams from the same division ended up playing each other in the CF, and precisely why Binghamton got the paved road to win the Atlantic Division DESPITE BEING THE 5 SEED in the East Division, Lowell relocated to Albany and switched from the Atlantic to the East, necessitating a cross-over in that division as which the Atlantic had that issue the previous year as did the West Division in the Western Conference.
Who cares who a Division winner is in the Playoffs? Very few even care who the Conference winner is, other than the fact that a Conference winner then has the chance to win what people do care about, the Stanley Cup. Conference Champs don't even want to touch the trophy these days.

Divisions serve the purpose of rivalry matchups during the Regular Season, and can also be used for that purpose in the Playoffs as much as a top-8 will allow, which can be 6/8 matchups or as much as 8/8 matchups in the 1st Round, and at minimum 3/4 of the matchups in the 2nd Round. Beyond that, a Division champ is as about as meaningful as, you know the saying, **** on a bull.

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