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03-06-2013, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by ryanwb View Post
I agree with everything you just said with no exceptions. Where we differ is in the details, obviously. Gretzky may very well have caused other coaches to change their game plan which led to the high flying era of the 80s and early 90s. I'm not going to debate that, but my point was that those times are past. IF Gretzky were to come in to today's league, which is unarguably better coached defensively, other teams wouldn't necessarily change to a freewheeling style of hockey, because while Gretzky's team would be successful, the also rans of the league often have to compensate by playing a defense first game due to their insufficient talent level. Like you said, it just took until 95 or so before they actually figured this out it seems.

So sure there have always been bottom feeders, but Columbus doesn't beat the Penguins 11-0. Ever. (At least I doubt it ) The game isn't like that anymore, that's my only point. I don't want to nitpick about the details, I agree that Gretzky 2.0 would absolutely put on a clinic in today's NHL, but not enough that he would come close to the records he put up in the past. That's all.

As for the Ted Lindsay quote I find that quite funny. He's just jealous.

Try telling P.K. Subban that he doesn't know HOW to check:

The current state of dead-puck hockey isnt going to last forever either. The worm will eventually turn: It always does. People thought the high-flying days of the '80s was going to last indefinitely too.

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