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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
The statistical comparison is all well and nice, but of course it's ignoring the fact that Bobby Ryan is 2.5 years older. Is it really fair to compare an 18 year old's production to a 20.5 year old's? A 21 year old to a 23.5 year old, etc?

Voracek has shown elite skills consistently this year. There's no reason to think that giving up on someone with his skating skills, his puck skills, and his vision would be "selling high".

I would honestly be hesitant to trade Voracek for Ryan straight up right now, but if you ask me to add a 1st it's an easy no from me. I don't care about Ryan being more proven in the past, my eyes aren't deceiving me when I watch Voracek. I know what Ryan is: 30-30 player. I think Voracek is better than that.
Agreed, I think apples taste more like apples than oranges do too!

Seriously, there is no point to trade Voracek at all. He's finally breaking out as an elite scoring winger. With Giroux, Couts, Simmonds, Read and the Schenn brothers, we have a really good core of talented, tough character kids. Rinaldo, Harry Z, McGinn and Wellwood and Gustafsson are NHL role players long term too. Hartnell, Grossmann, Coburn are good vets. That's 7 young studs, 3 good vets and 5 role players worth keeping. At least two of Cousins, Laughton, Ghost and Stolarz will pan out too.

Watching last night's game just highlights the problem on D. As soon as Grossmann left, the wheels fell off.

If we don't win four of the next 5 games, I hate to say it, but it's time to sell off as much as we can for whatever we can get and try again next year. In a lockout shortened season, a slow start by a young team followed by a bunch of key injuries are killing us.

There is a lot of potential in this roster, and they could still run off a string of wins and make the playoffs. I would not be surprised and I would love to eat these words, but the fates just don't seem to be going our way.

Just when we start coming around, Mez and Hartnell go down. Read starts scoring, then gets a fluke injury on a routine play. Now Grossmann.

McGinn comes up, plays great, then takes two vicious headshots into the boards, no suspensions there, and then breaks an orbital bone in a fight.

What can you do?

Trade Talbot, Fedotenko, Gervais, and even Gagne and Meszaros, if he can get healthy, for whatever we can get.

Do it before the deadline to encourage Briere to waive too. Trade him for the best offer from a tea, he'll agree to go to. There are lots of suitors. Same for Timonen, there's no point him staying around for a mini-tank/rebuild.

Trade Kimmo to Detroit for a couple good prospects/picks and thank him for his service. He'd do great there and they need him

I love Bryz, and he's the only thing keeping us from bottoming out completely, but he could be a buyout candidate. It's easier to keep him for cap reaons if Kimmo and Briere are gone, but losing those three frees up A LOT of cap room.

We'd still have a great core of young players, some solid vets, a great goalie if we want, more assets to build for the future, and cap room to add some UFAs over the next two years.

I hope this plan doesn't need to take effect, but they better start by winning today...

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