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Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
Tell me how you weighted those figures and I can post the vsX versions to see what the differences are. I think you said it was top 10 seasons or am I making that up?

Also, I have a spreadsheet with vsX scores for everyone in 1927-2012. It took little time to throw together copying your (70s) sheet and then adding a simple column with the VsX score.
Wow...nice work, BBS. If you want to use my (still somewhat undefined) methodology, order the list based on an unweighted sum of the top-7 seasons. I should probably have some weighting methodology which emphasizes peak a bit more than that, but I haven't come up with one yet. I don't like going down to ten seasons because I think that causes distortions against players who didn't have full ten seasons peaks, and ten seasons is a long peak.

But of course, the VsX results and my own method of evaluating their meaning are two separate things. My guess (without having seen the full results of my own work) is that the VsX system will be kinder to pre-expansion players and more balanced when dealing with 70's - 80's players, but that some guys like Henri Richard will obviously still need a rather large asterisk due to a variety of factors (in Richard's case, limited powerplay opportunities). Would you mind posting a ranking of the top centers based on VsX similar to the one seventies posted?

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