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Originally Posted by Polo View Post
really megan, you are shocked? After all these years of being allowed it still baffles you?
Fighting is not allowed. It's a penalty. Penalty=action not allowed.

I'm seriously amused at the "should we stop allowing fighting" type stuff" when fighting is a PENALTY. A behavior that is NOT ALLOWED. The only reason the "should we ban fighting?" discussions exist is because fighting doesn't have a match penalty associated with it in the NHL like in the other major sports. If you put that in, it makes no difference in the quality of the hockey being played. Unless you lose a star player, of course. But star players have been less and less willing to fight (see recent comparisons made between Getzlaf and Lindros, and how Getzlaf "could be" today's Lindros if he played a full-bore, physical game. But skill players don't do that anymore. How many high-skill players are also physical players? The number is decreasing yearly.

Originally Posted by The Expert View Post
Hockey without fighting would be alright, but I've got an even better idea of something way better. Hockey with fighting.
So you want to do away with the five-minute major penalty for fighting?

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