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03-07-2013, 01:36 AM
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Also, it's pretty funny now with Raymond at center. The other game he was being replaced on every faceoff and then he would switch with Higgins once the play turned the other way and cover the center's duties.

But put two of our potentially most dangerous offensive players together? Naw, that would be crazy! Kesler would have to switch!

And Hodgson on the wing wasn't playing to his strengths. He's not swift of foot.

Let's get this straight - they fed him offensive zone starts, but they haven't bothered to do that what anyone before or since?

Having 'spoon-fed' him for so long, why not just take it the extra mile and make him the center. Do you think Kesler would complain if he started scoring more?

Neither did they run any plays in which CoHo would be the last guy into the O-zone as a winger on the half-wall, from where he could dish to Kesler. That would have been a way to get around his lack of speed on the wing.

Oh, and CoHo as the sole forechecker on the line as well - brilliant idea. Did they expect him to suddenly get 10 times faster?

Really, AV cocked up every aspect of CoHo's development. Let's hope he's either fired or learns to give Kassian a better chance.

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