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03-07-2013, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Momesso View Post
It's become more of a point of contention now that we know much more about concussions and their long-term effects.

I've been watching hockey since the early 80s (as a die-hard fan of the sport), and fighting had a role back then, and you had players who could scrap. Probert, Twist, Semenko, even Odjick.

Now, you have a couple of 4th line bubble goons who just need jobs, that beat each other up just off a draw.

Or fighting after a legitimate check. I hate those.

If they banned fighting now, I don't think I'd honestly care.
Gino wasn't in the NHL in the 80's, but I think fighting has a place in the game. Instead of people having line brawls and what not, usually each team's toughest guy will fight and usually end it there before it escalates into something bigger and dumber.

The role of the goon is changing, these guys can't be on the team and just be there to fight, it's why a guy like Steve MacIntyre is likely never getting an NHL job again and will be in the AHL the rest of his career, it's why someone like McGratton is probably trending there as well.

Guys like Prust, Engelland and that sort are the new wave of "goons" in the NHL. Guys that can take a regular shift, fight, and still be productive. Not much different than some of the goons back in the 80's, you had a lot of the goons that could play as well but back then, more often than not, the goon was barely an NHL regular and was only there because he could throw down and answer the bell against the other team's top goon.

The guys are there to keep the other team honest, if you don't have a guy that can fight, on your team and he throws a dirty hit your team's way, no one is going to stand up and if they do, they could get a serious beat down unless you have someone that can answer that bell on behalf of your team. I think the problem most people have is with staged fights, fights where it's late and it's pointless.

To start the game, I can understand, you want to set the tone early to tell the team, listen, we're here to punish you in every facet of the game, bring it. But guys need to understand match-ups and I think fighters have been getting their code back. Frazier probably shouldn't have let him drop but yeah, it is what it is.

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