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03-07-2013, 01:42 AM
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I like bowman more than westgarth, but they're both wastes of space to me. That's why I've liked Nash. He is clearly a center, and one who can play the defensive side of the position. He's blending well with his linemates. All the ahl guys and the bottom six guys are a hodge podge mess. Nash is the first one where I can clearly see a position and what he'll do with it. Maybe my expectations have been lowered too much but I'm happy about that. I think he'll fit in well with higher skilled guys, and that the offense may come with that.

Bowman is filler. That guy has been given a chance none if the others were given, and I'm not seeing the why. He isn't a good defensive player, he's ok. He hits as best he can because he knows it the only way he's staying, but he isn't good at that either. He isn't even close to scoring....

He's the opposite of Nash to me. Limited upside or not, Nash has a place. We need a solid center. Bowman is pure spare part. Westgarth is only valuable in that he got rid of meh stew. We don't sit around trying to find a role for him like we did with stew. Sit, and wait for us to need you to maybe but most likely not fight.

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